The primary impetus of the exhibit has been a joint project between the Duke Medical Center Archives and the office of the Associate Vice Dean for Faculty Development, Dr. Ann Brown. With generous funding from the Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation, secured by Dr. Brown's office, twenty-one interviews were conducted by the oral historian at the Duke Medical Center Archives. These interviews exist in addition to previous interviews the archives has already conducted with and about women. The archives staff did extensive research investigating the history of women in Duke Medicine using oral history interviews, archival materials, web resources, and published works. Dr. Brown's office provided guidance, contacts, and support.

Because it is primary material, oral history is not intended to present the final, verified, or complete narrative of events. It is a spoken account, offered by the interviewee in response to questions, and as such, it is reflective, partisan, deeply involved, and irreplaceable. Interviewees have been given a chance to make changes to the transcripts. The transcripts in this exhibit reflect those changes. Sound clips have been edited to eliminate lengthy or unrelated comments; meanings have not been changed.

Oral history interviews, content research and compilation, and transcription processing provided by Jessica Roseberry, oral history program coordinator, Duke Medical Center Archives.

Online exhibit design and creation provided by Mira Waller, assistant director; reference, outreach, and education librarian, Duke Medical Center Archives.

Thanks to:
Dr. Ann Brown
Joy Cunningham
Anna Robinson Brodeur
Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans
Dr. Phyllis Leppert
Dr. Edward Halperin
Dr. Victoria Thornton
Dr. Margaret Humphreys
With special thanks to all the individuals who recalled their experiences in interviews. A listing of interviewees can be found on the interviews page of this exhibit.