Dr. Susan Dees

Dr. Susan Dees was born in 1909 in Hancock, Michigan. She received her MD from Johns Hopkins in 1934. In 1939 she joined the faculty of Duke University Medical Center, as did her husband, urologist Dr. John Dees. Dr. Susan Dees was one of the first female faculty physicians at Duke. She also served as the first female division chief in the medical center, in Pediatric Allergy, from the inception of the division in 1948 until 1974. After stepping down as division chief, continued to serve on the faculty. In 1958 she became the first female to achieve the rank of full professor in Duke Medical Center. She authored over 60 publications, trained numerous pediatric residents, established the Duke Hospital School for Sick Children, and was among the first to recognize Wiskott-Adlrich Primary Immunodeficiency Syndrome and Gastoresophogeal Reflux as a major trigger of asthma attacks. She died in 2001.