Abstract of Dr. Elizabeth DeLong Interview

In this interview, Dr. DeLong speaks about similarities and differences between working at a clinical research organization (Quintiles) and an academic research organization (Duke Medical Center); some collaborative projects between the Department of Biostatistics and other Duke departments; the importance of biostatistics to medical practice and medical research; the extent to which people in an academic institution are aware of the importance of statistics in their own work; the importance of having training in doing statistical work; master’s versus PhD statisticians; the Duke Clinical Research Institute’s emphasis on collaboration between medical investigators and statisticians; working with partners to make sure they set up their studies correctly; outcomes research versus clinical trials; equipoise; the importance of equipoise; personalized medicine; the accuracy of predictions in personalized medicine; bioinformatics; the importance of the department being accepted by other outside departments and groups; growth of the department; being a female in the sciences; her own background; mentors; Dean Nancy Andrews; whether she brings something different to the table as a female department chair; the future of the department.