Abstract of Dr. Gale McCarty Interview on Kerby

Dr. Gale McCarty was mentored by Dr. Grace Kerby and became a colleague and friend throughout Dr. Kerby's life. This is interview is about Dr. Grace Kerby.

Dr. McCarty speaks about: how she came to know Dr. Grace Kerby; Dr. Kerby as her mentor and colleague; Dr. Kerby as stalwart of department; others' impressions of Dr. Kerby gathered from Dr. McCarty's own oral research about Kerby; Dr. Kerby's educational background; Dr. Kerby doing clinical trials in the 1950s; Dr. Kerby as director of house staff scheduling in Duke Department of Medicine; Dr. Kerby's importance to the department; Dr. Kerby's publications; Dr. Kerby's thoroughness; Dr. Kerby's hearing loss in one ear; misunderstandings about Dr. Kerby due to her hearing loss; others' memories of Dr. Kerby (Dr. William Stead, son of Dr. Eugene Stead, and Dr. Ralph Snyderman); Dr. Kerby as wearing a short white intern's coat as opposed to a long physician's coat; Dr. Kerby sharing equipment; Dr. Kerby's background in athletics; misunderstandings about Dr. Kerby due to her reticent nature; misunderstandings about Dr. Kerby due to other causes; Dr. Kerby's enjoyment of life; Dr. Kerby's hobbies; Dr. Kerby having cancer at the end of her life; Dr. Kerby's research; Dr. Kerby's legacy.