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About this Project

Items in this project were donated by Charlotte Banas, daughter of Dr. Charles W. Shilling. These items represent a small portion of the Charles W. Shilling collection. This project is divided into 3 sections: 1) a narrative written by Dr. Shilling documenting the rescue of seamen from the USS Squalus in the hours after the submarine sunk in 1939, 2) a selection of images and articles that Dr. Shilling used in his numerous talks on the activities and events surrounding the rescue efforts, and 3) photographs documenting the Navy's effort to raise and recover the submarine.

Image titles have been transcribed from Dr. Shillings hand written notes on the back of the photographs. In order to provide a better description of the images, this project has been developed to allow users to help us identify and better describe the images. In order to submit descriptive information, please take a few minutes to register. Having a registration process helps us keep down spam and other hacker attacks on the website.

Please feel free to contact us with comments and suggestions at (919) 383-2653 or dumc.archives[at]

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